The riders registered for the Czech round have been selected by the FIM Speedway U21/Youth Commission upon proposal from their respective Federations.

As a consequence of the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the 2020 FIM Speedway U21 World Championship will comprise a single event which will be held in Pardubice (CZE) on Friday 2 October.

A national wild card and two track reserves will be nominated by the Autoklub of the Czech Republic (ACCR) and will be approved by FIM U21-Youth Commission.

Riding N. TBA Name FMN Country

Niklas Sayrio SML Finland

Alexander Woentin SVEMO Sweden

Vitaly Kotlyar MFR Russia

Lukas Fienhage DMSB Germany

Daniel Bewley ACU Great Britain

Olegs Mihailovs LaMSF Latvia

Dominik Kubera PZM Poland

Marko Levyshyn FMU Ukraine

Steven Goret FFM France

Jan Kvěch ACCR Czech Republic

Wiktor Lampart PZM Poland

Luke Becker AMA USA

Jaimon Lidsey MA Australia

Mads Hansen DMU Denmark

Mattia Lenarduzzi FMI Italy

16 (Wild Card) TBA ACCR Czech Republic

17 (Reserve) TBA ACCR Czech Republic

18 (Reserve) TBA ACCR Czech Republic



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