Motorcycle brake pads SBS RST Sinter Road Racing Track Day test opinions reviews part 1


Find out how the characteristics are made and how the new SBS RST Sinter Road Racing Track Day motorcycle brake pads are made with our review, our opinions and the long-lasting road test.



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SBS has a wide range of motorcycle brake pads for all motorcycles on the market and for purely road use, road / track, track, off road, racing etc.


The SBS range of brake pads for road and sportsbike motorcycles is wide and covers all needs, with different friction compounds, recently updated.


So alongside the Evo Sinter Street Performance Upgrade range, sintered brake pads that replace the original equipment ones, with better braking power, but without worsening braking modulation, now also the SBS RST Sinter Road Racing Track Day pads have been added.


This product is more specific for sportsbike, for use on the track, but also for road sports.


They are produced for a wide range of sportsbike motorcycles, but also sport touring, of all years, not only the most recent, but also many sports and sport touring bikes from the early 2000s and 80s and 90s.

An excellent opportunity for those who have a "veteran" to fine-tune, or for those who simply want to further improve the braking power of the bike.


Thanks to the collaboration with SBS, we were able to test these new sintered pads on two diametrically opposed bikes, a Honda CBR 1000 Fireblade (SBS 802 RST brake pads) and a Suzuki GSF Bandit 1250 (SBS 631 RST brake pads).


In both cases, SBS 657 LS Sinter Street Performance rear pads were paired.




One of the problems of motorcycle brake pads for racing use, when used on the road, is that they do not reach the optimal operating temperature, thus not allowing optimal braking power (in short, they brake less than normal ones). they do not perform at their best in wet conditions and cold temperatures.


Another aspect criticized by many is that these pads scratch the discs, on this aspect our idea, but not only ours, is that if the discs do not wear out it would mean that the pads does not work and brakes little, in the end the lines on the discs are just a good sign that the pad is doing its job very well ...


Obviously, then, it depends on the quality of the disc, you cannot expect to adopt a racing or quite racing brake pad on an entry level scooter ...


The new brake pads SBS RST Sinter Road Racing Track Day, want to compensate for some critical aspects of the racing brake pads, while maintaining the high performance in terms of braking power and constant performance under stress, this without sacrificing the modularity and ability to have excellent performance even when cold.


We will see in the test how much these results have been achieved and how two different braking systems can behave, diametrically opposite, one with calipers and radial pump, the other with calipers and traditional pump.


These are the main technical features of the new SBS RST Sinter Road Racing Track Day brake pads:

- ideal and affordable choice for track days and road / track use

- sintered compound for standard braking systems on high-end sports and naked bikes, heavy sports, adventure and touring bikes and lighter single-disc bikes

- excellent for stainless steel or cast iron brake discs

- strong initial bite, excellent braking and modulation sensation

- high and stable performance in all conditions

- NUCAP NRS technology guarantees a mechanical and indestructible bond

- ECE R90 approved


It should be noted that the RST range of brake pads replaces the RS 1-1, however thanks to the new compound there is greater braking power and even better brake feel and control.

As already analyzed in the past, the assembly of the SBS motorcycle brake pads does not present any problems, perfect and absolutely interchangeable with the originals.

Soon the opinions and impressions on the first km.


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